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Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light.

Le Corbusier

Architecture is a container in which life happens, every place or building, whether public or private, is born to accommodate a vital function for us. Precisely for this reason our "mission" aims mainly at the recovery and architectural redevelopment of existing buildings undergoing degradation, and the new construction according to the best energy and environmental criteria as well as the appropriate technological-material choices in the field of green buildings and buildings NZEB.

Even today, low-level buildings are offered which, in addition to not having a contemporary architectural identity, outlines an urban scenario where functionality, space and aesthetics leave the field for improvisation. Our idea of ‚Äč‚Äčarchitecture is deeply linked to the territory and to the environment, an issue from which today it is impossible to disregard, man is linked to his home as much as it is with the environment that surrounds it and the energy efficiency of a building it is an essential component of liveability, efficiency and functionality.

Reshaping the reality in harmony with its history is the approach that DAM Architecture to face each project, taking in analysis the context in which it is located, enhancing the existing ones and harmonizing them with the essential elements of current affairs, functionality and technology. Today the Studio combines all this with a current focus on the aspects of energy saving and the use of sustainable materials.

DAM Architecture wants to highlight the privileged relationship with several leading companies in different sectors - living, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, lights and furniture in general that allows you to develop customized solutions, not simply adapting the offer of products on the market to the environments but starting from the environments to identify the best solutions, thanks to the direct involvement of the producers. This process also allows us to skip a few degrees in the supply chain and to move directly from the project to its realization and implementation, with a considerable saving of time and costs.

By 2020, Italy has a duty to make its buildings energy sustainable and this can only happen through interventions aimed at the redevelopment of buildings, using environmentally friendly insulating materials, the use of renewable energy sources, the installation of shutters thermal, LED lighting and a series of interventions aimed at improving the efficiency of our homes and our companies.

The office, based in Syracuse, in the central area, carries out architectural design activities, deals with the design of new buildings as well as paying particular attention to the renovation, recovery and restoration of monumental and non historic buildings, adapting the buildings to the new technologies with particular regard to the energy aspect.

The approach is unconventional, free from trends and fashions: the point of arrival is the best combination of place and necessity, between need and taste: the "beautiful" that becomes "good", as the Greeks taught, when the two functions are the principles of doing and making good. DAM Architecture is the logical continuation, of a research that starts from the client's trust and arrives at the never predictable and never repetitive proposal. Every place is unique, every structure comes from a story, perhaps only from a dream, but is designed to accommodate other stories of people and things. From private construction to commercial public;

Priority themes are also the design of interiors or interior design, which are identified and shared with the users, in order to verify the adherence to two aspects of equal importance: the functions necessary on the one hand and the formal consistency from the 'other, united to respect the desires, tastes and needs of those who will live the designed spaces. We tend, where possible, to identify a harmonious language between the architectural design of the exterior and the interior design and, in the event that the contrast was desired, we develop the dichotomy through a dialectical and creative comparison.

Here are the services we perform:

Architectural Design;

Interior Design;

Renovation of historic buildings and condominiums;

Residential and corporate energy requalification;

Calculation and structural recovery, improvement and seismic adaptation;

Site safety during the planning and execution phases;